Friday, October 19, 2012

The Fate of the Democratic Party

Dear Randy:

I opened up your posting and the link you recommended and I ready every single quote.  I was stunned by many of the hateful things that I read but some of it was well within the discourse of political thinking.  Sensational rhetoric is the stock and trade of many pundits. 

I find the attack on Darwinism alarming only because I was raised to see it as fact but recently, I have seen serious scientists question many of the fundelmental pillars of that theory.  The main challenge comes from people who believe in Intelligent Design.  Even Thomas Jefferson and the rest of his Dietist friends believed in the clockmaker God.

I do not believe there is a cabal in the media but I do absolutely believe the media is biased to a liberal world view with a definite biased again religion in general and Christianity in general.  I am still in a state of shock over the Democratic National Convention from this past summer when the steering committee dropped any reference to God from its platform.  I think this is a clear sign that the atheists have found a home with the Democratic Party. 

Only when enough political pressure was exerted by the president’s agents to put God back in the platform did the delegates do a voice vote to reinstate the word God in the platform.  It took three votes to do this and most observers I think will acknowledge that the Democratic delegates never achieved the 2/3rd margin.  There were even boos from the delegates over the whole process.

You see Randy the mainstream Democratic activists seem only to be interested in
1. Homosexuality to the point of endorsing Gay marriage.
2. Abortion rights with virtually no restrictions.
3. Removing God from the public square completely.

I see your party as a once magnificent tree that is rotting from the inside.  Do Democrats even know how to have fun and enjoy life?  Romney now leads the president by 7 points: 52-45% in the latest Gallup poll.  It seems that the country is deciding to let President Obama keep the change.

Except for you, I have seen virtually no one from the IDC blogosphere speaking about their faith.  The most peaceful man to every live was Jesus of Nazareth.  I also believe him to be the son of God, and a man of peace, justice, kindness, and righteousness.  I think Jesus goes beyond the labels of Democrat or Republican but I can guarantee you he doesn’t support the killing of innocent life via abortion. 

Randy, I still respect you and consider you my friend.  I think that is why we can both debate each other in a civilized fashion.                                                       Word Total: 451  

Best, Geoff Fisher

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