Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Double Standard of the Media: Joe Biden versus Sarah Palin

Dear Jim:

Thanks for taking the 53 seconds to view that video.  I think the authors of that video were just trying to point out the double standard the media routinely shows the president.  Texas Governor Rick Perry was panned as an idiot for his 53 seconds of trying to remember three federal agencies that he would eliminate.  The collective wisdom of the media was that his campaign was over.

This video was showing 53 seconds of Obama sounding like a prize fighter after the 12th round.  Many from the right, including myself, believe the president is too reliant on his teleprompter, as was shown in this video.  My complaint with Sarah Palin is that she resigned her governorship without due cause, and does not have the needed intellectual curiosity I want in a vice-president. 

She is however, a true leader of people.  Citizens gravitate towards her and she is able to rally her constituents.  You and Bob Jones have conveniently given Joe Biden a pass.  He is not a leader and is just this side of a buffoon.  “Stand up State Senator Chuck Graham” the only problem was Mr. Graham is paralyzed.  In 2008 Biden said, Barack believes a three letter word is most important word of this campaign.  Then senator spells JOBS.
Chris Cillizza reported on October 2, 2012: “Vice President Joe Biden, speaking at a campaign event in Charlotte, North Carolina today, had this to say about the policies supported by former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan: ‘How they can justify … raising taxes on the middle class that has been buried the last four years?’ ”
The vice-president is a gaffe professional while former Governor Sarah Palin is still an amateur. 

I’ll be interested in what you think of Tuesday’s rematch between the president and the governor. 
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Geoff Fisher

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