Monday, August 27, 2012

Sandra Fluke, Traditional Marriage, etc. - A Letter To Randy

Dear Randy:

Thank you for your thoughtful response to my posting.  You raised many points and I’ll to answer them.

  1. I was unaware that Fluke suffered from a hormonal issue.  Her testimony seemed to suggest that contraception should be available for any woman who wanted it.  Remember, even dollar that does go for birth control does not go to more important issues like controlling ovarian cancer.
  2. Also, you now claim that Paul Ryan is the leader of a band of crazies – that, to use your own analysis, was unnecessary.  Ryan is probably the most seasoned and competent legislator on budgetary issues in Congress.  Why should Akin resign just because of his faulty reasoning?  Let the voters of Missouri send him packing.
  3. You do not have to criticize every vulgar utterance that comes from the political world but I think our friends in the general IDC Blogosphere need to know that their outrage is solely directed to the political right.  Randy there’s a reason no one mentioned Palin being called a c---.  They don’t really care about her because they disagree with her.  The president should be ashamed of himself not criticizing Bill Maher for his comments during the same press conference that he criticized Rush Limbaugh’s slut comment.
  4. You’re correct that the vegan comment was a cheap shot but I find it amazing that the left can embrace a vegan platform while condoning unfettered access to abortions even those into late pregnancy.  What is more vulnerable that child developing in the womb of its mother?
  5. As to the issue of homosexuality, I disagree with your positions.  We’ve reached a point where having a gay relationship is legal and where gays are protected in the workplace and in living accommodations but marriage is an area to be reserved for a husband and a wife for the betterment of society and of the child.  Although homosexuality runs contrary to the Judaic-Christian bible and teachings, and it does, I see it more as an unnatural union.  It is impossible for this type of union to produce children without artificial intervention.  Every child has a mother and father and deserves to be raise by his real parents if possible.  If, as the left contends, that love makes a family and that two same-sex adults should be allowed to be legally married, than what is to stop two adult family members from marring?  Should a father and his adult son be allowed to marry?  Are they second class citizens?  3% of the population is the tail wagging the dog in my opinion.  Talk about cheap shots – everyone who supports a traditional view of marriage is homophobic?   Really?  How about the left being homomyopic?

As you can tell this is going to be a pivotal election.

Best, Geoff   

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