Friday, August 24, 2012

Voter ID Laws, Acorn, and JFK - Reason to Pause and Verify

Dear Mike C. (from Connecticut):

I do not know you but your post landed up on my FB wall and your rhetoric caught my attention, particularly your salvo towards Republicans: You ARE NOT a Representative OF THE PEOPLE. You are a thief, a thug and unAmerican.”  Really Mike?  So who appointed you the new Napoleon of America?

Your feverish rhetoric is unfortunately all too common among the Right-Thinking Left-Leaning liberals.  Here are a few things to ponder. 

1.According to a October 15, 2008 article in the Washington Times by S.A. Miller and Christina Bellantoni, “Three weeks before Election Day, more instances of fraud connected to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform (ACORN) now are surfacing, including Mickey Mouse registering to vote in Florida…ACORN, which is under investigation in 10 states by either federal or state officials over tens of thousands of fraudulent voter registrations, including applications with duplicate names and fictitious addresses… Team Obama called Republican accusations “cynical,” but it was forced to get fully engaged in defense of the $832,598 payment it made to ACORN and answer extensive questions from reporters.”
2. Legislation for government issued photo-IDs are issuing them for free to poor people. 
3. The integrity of the elections must be maintained.  I am a big fan of JFK but most historians agree that the election was stolen when the Cook County results were submitted by Mayor Richard Daley and team.
4. As for Ted Frier, he needs to go back to school because his rhetoric is based upon faulty history.  Listen to his ranting about Republicans, “So, why would we think the neo-Confiderate (sic) GOP would think twice about destroying another democratic traditions -- the vote -- to win power?”  Teddy, The Democratic Party was the Slave Party that provoked the Civil War, John Wilkes Booth was a Democrat who assassinated a Republican named Abraham Lincoln.  The KKK was founded by Democrats after the Civil War who wanted to terrorize both white and black Republicans.  My party not only opposed slavery but also saw to it that the 13th (No more slavery), 14th (the right to citizenship), and the 15th amendment (black male suffrage) were passed.  I could go on defending my party but I think I’ve made my point here. 
5. Your type of vitriolic rhetoric may provide a catharsis for you two but it does very little to advance the political discourse in this country.  Please believe me when I tell you that I have a few choice labels for the both of you but I will maintain the proper decorum and keep this dialogue civil from my side at least.


Geoff Fisher (UConn’s IDC 1974-1977) 

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Geoffrey G. Fisher is a certified history teacher working in southwest Florida as a guest teacher.  He holds a BA in History from the University of Connecticut and a MA in Public Policy from Trinity College in Hartford, CT.  In addition to teaching he is a former elected official and speechwriter.  Mr. Fisher now writes the political blog: THE THINKING CAP at  

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