Saturday, September 22, 2012

47% Issue Hits a Nerve with Single Mothers

Dear Jennifer:

I read your response with great care and I feel like I need to respond to a few things.  Over the last three years you have posted the fact that you are a single mother.  You’ve done this either as a sympathy ploy or to suggest you should be admired.  I did not bring your marital status up, you did.

I tried to treat you with the respect of an equal by not patronizing you.  It is a fact that the profile of a single mother with children is the best indicator of economic trauma.  The majority of poor people in this country are families were the head of the household is a single mother.  In the black community it is the main reason for the crushing poverty that engulfs millions of children.  80% of black children are born “illegitimately” without any father.  Our president’s own father took off for Africa and had virtually nothing to do with him.  If it wasn’t for the president’s
Bank-president grandmother and grandfather, Barack II would have become a statistic.  Barack Obama, Sr. was married to different women at the same time and they were both pregnant.  

My main point is still the same; it is shameful for our tax system to allow 47% of America’s citizens to pay no federal income tax.  Even if people are paying 2%, that is something.  Of course people who pay no income tax are indifferent to higher taxes on the wealthy.  C’mon, isn’t the top 10% paying 70% of the bill fair enough?

The individual income tax is now nearly 50% of the entire federal budget.  Your friends speak about payroll taxes but social security and Medicare is a fraction of the individual income tax AND any income tax that is withheld by the IRS is refunded to the 47%.  Jennifer, the overwhelming evidence shows that if the president is re-elected, by 2016, more than half of the country will be living off the generosity of the minority.  That moment will be “Crossing the Rubicon” for our country, we will be on cruise control to become Greece. 

As for you’re the comment regarding your “brother”, I met a young man at your house during college who recommended that we see Marathon Man with Dustin Hoffman.  I remember him because he was embarressed to have graduated from Whittier College, the alma mater of Richard Nixon.  He must have been a friend of the family.

Also, I’m sure you’ve done a great job raising your children and you can take great pride in that feat. 

Finally, when I write best I meant I wish you the best and that there are no hard feelings.  I have found nearly every supporter of President Obama wants to voice their opinions but they do not want to engage in dialogue.  Just look at the hate from Brad Cecil, posted on my feed and by the way to Ima HippyNerd, I’ll debate you anytime, anywhere – then we’ll see who’s confused.  Jennifer, that is why I was disappointed but not surprised at your final salvo:
“I won't share my email with you. I do not want to continue this conversation."  Who’s the child now?


Geoff Fisher

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